Monday, 26 April 2010

Absolute digrace

Now, believe me, I don’t want this blog to turn into my own little opportunity at harking on about Birmingham City Football Club every week – I think I did that enough in my last entry. However, the decision to award Aston Villa a penalty in the 83rd minute of an already explosive derby game has left me as well as the other 3000 Blues fans at Villa Park feeling completely disorientated with refereeing in England. The decision wasn’t just bad – it was disgraceful.

I won’t go on too much but for those of you didn’t managed to watch the game, apart from 2 great saves from Joe Hart in the first half, we had Villa hanging on to their Champions League aspirations – Brad Friedel was quite magnificent. We didn’t deserve that yesterday. We deserved to leave with at the very least a point. Villa deserved nothing, yet given everything.

I will leave it up to Roger Johnson to sum up: “Certainly during the first half, I thought he was poor. He was listening to the crowd when giving decisions. Of course it’s going to be a feisty game, it’s a derby. I don’t know what experience he’s had in derbies but you’ve got to put your best refs in and he clearly wasn’t, he’s ruined the game. For me, he shouldn’t be doing these sort of games.”

Enough said.

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